Is Your Book Worth The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee?

There’s a meme going around Facebook, perhaps you’ve seen it. It laments the fact that people will spend $5 for a cup of coffee that takes 5 minutes to make but balk at spending $5 for a book, which takes forever to write.

But there’s a reason this is true and it’s not because people don’t value books. (Ok, some people don’t value books, but you’re not writing for them.)

The reason can be summed up in one word…


When you go to the same coffee house and hand over $5 for a cup of fancy coffee, you know what that coffee’s going to taste like. Yes, a few people might be trying it for the very first time, but the majority of people who buy $5 coffees are buying a drink they’ve had before. Therefore, they know what to expect.

However books, particularly by new authors, are a gamble. The reader could get a great book for their $5, or they could get garbage.

As someone who strives to read more indie books than traditionally published, I’m just going to say it… There’s some chaff out there. And it ruins it for all the wheat.

There are two ways you, as an author, can change this, and neither one is negotiable.

1. Write a great book.

2. Write a lot more great books.

I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t agree with number one. However, many emerging authors bristle at number at number two. After all, the first one took so long to write.

Yes, it did. The first one always takes forever. However writing more great books is how you take the gamble away for a reader.

I’ve mentioned before I’m a heavy reader, and can read up to 3 books a week. (Just like your ideal reader.) Choosing the right book is the hardest part. After all, if I’m giving up a few hours of my life to this book, I’m expecting a good time. As a writing coach, I try to read everything, even things outside the genre. But as a reader, I like authors I already know, like Amy Cross. (She’s my new favorite)


Well, she’s a good writer. I wouldn’t say she’s the best writer ever, but she tells a great story. And she has over 100 books out. Yes, 100. When I finish an Amy Cross book, I know there’s a multitude of other Amy Cross books to choose from. And even though some are better than others, I know I’m going to enjoy them all, because she’s a good author.

Having so many books takes the gamble out of buying books for your reader. The truth is I barely read the descriptions on her books and I couldn’t care less about what the reviews say. It’s an Amy Cross book and that’s good enough for me.

It doesn’t matter that Amazon shows me 60 other books competing for my attention. I only have eyes for the one.

That’s the power of having loyal readers and a wide body of work to choose from.

Devlin Blake

Devlin has been pansting stories for over two decades. However, it wasn't until Devlin harnessed the power of systems when she discovered she could put out four books a year even with a full time job. If you're interested in learning these systems, you can learn more about Devlin's Private Coaching here.

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