Are You Ready To Ditch The Book On The Page And Write The Real Story In Your Head? 

If The Answer Is 'Heck Yeah!' Then You Really Need To Read This...

You have a story to tell —you can see it so clearly, the plot twists, the great characters, the gripping narrative, and page turning words.

The problem is the book on the computer screen looks nothing like the book in your head.

The twists are predictable, the words just lay there like wet noodles, and the characters are cardboard.

You’ve read dozens of books on craft, taken online classes, looked into that creative writing course at the local college, even posted in writing groups and you’re STILL stuck.

You might even avoid writing now because the seeing your book in this current state this hurts too much. You sit down at the computer, but the words don’t come. You get easily sidetracked reorganized your writing space, spending hours playing on social media, or keeping yourself busy with additional research that will never find it’s way into your book.

Then you complain you never have any time to write. You feel frustrated, angry and like a failure. You know you could skip writing today and binge watch that new show you’ve heard so much about instead. No one would know.

Except you.

Then you’d get that nagging voice in the back of your head; the one that says your story isn’t good enough, that you’re not good enough to write it, that you’re going to reach the end of your life and regret your unfinished story on your deathbed.

But it doesn’t HAVE to be that way.

What If You Could Experience The Pure Joy Of Creation Again, And Make The Book On The Page Match The Story In Your Head?

What if you were able to discover the hidden things that are holding you back and overcome writer’s block once and for all?

What if there was a more efficient, streamlined method to writing which enabled you always have enough time for writing no matter your job or family circumstances?

And what if this new method you uncovered worked not only for this current book, but every book you’ve dreamed of writing?

Soon, you could have a bookshelf filled with your books.

If You Write One Of These, I Can Help You 

  • Dystopia 
  • Supernatural
  • High Fantasy  
  • Urban Fantasy 
  • Ticking Clock
  • Wishcraft
  • Ghosts
  • Post Apocalyptic
  • Thriller 
  • Dark Alternate Timelines
  • ESP 
  • Occult Detective 
  • Cat & Mouse Crime
  • Stalker
  • Psychological 
  • Cursed Objects
  • Psychos
  • Zombies
  • Space Epics
  • Revenge
  • Survival
  • Isolation 
  • Science Without Conscience 
  • Suspense
  • Crime
  • Dark Historical
  • Weird Tales
  • Horror

If You Write One Of These, I Can Help You 

I have a broad definition of horror. Actually, I have the OLD definition of horror, before publishing turned ‘horror’ into ‘thriller,’’ dystopia’ paranormal and the like.

But the truth is, we all want to be scared by our entertainment.

    • This is why fairy tales and even religious stories feature murder, rape, incest, mutilation, desperation, loss of control, magic, resurrection, and more  
    • This is why kids choose to tell scary stories around the campfires.
    • And why tweenage girls whisper ‘Bloody Mary’ into mirrors.

We are hardwired to love horror.

There's an audience waiting for your book.

But you have to write it first.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Devlin Blake.

Author of over a dozen books in the horror suspense category, indie publisher, story coach, researcher, and a lover of all things horror and suspense.

I believe in systems and structure for writing. Through these systems, you can unleash you true creativity to not only make writing more fun, but to also become a faster, better writer with the limited time you have. 

Using these systems, I've been able to publish 4 books a year while still holding down a full time job. 

Now, I want to help you uncover the blocks and develop systems to figure out what’s really going on with your story. Sometimes, it’s not what you think.

My 1:1 coaching programs are designed to rapidly move you past what you're struggling with, and get your book written.

    One size doesn't fit all. My one to one program is customized to you, so it's as unique as you and your story so you are guaranteed to get what you need out of it. Need something you don't see listed? We can talk about it on the discovery call and discover what you need together. 

We Can Cover Any Of These Things...

Or anything else you need

  • The REAL reasons you can’t write so that you’ll never suffer from writer’s block again.
  • How to carve out time to write even between a full time job and family so that finding the time is never the problem
  • How to use talk to text software to write in the off hours, including your commute, so that you’ll always have time to write.
  • How to write a faster rough draft so that you can save time and get to the fun part of writing faster, and write more books than you’ve ever dreamed possible
  • How to make the most of your writing time, even if it’s only ten minutes a day, so that you can be steadily working towards finishing your book
  • Developing writing habits that will not only let you finish this book in less than a year but also other books whenever you want, so that you can unleash the flood of creativity inside you
  • The reason you feel like your plot is missing something so that you’ll never be stuck in the sagging middle again
  • The system I use to make sure the middle is the most interesting part of the book so that your readers love inhabiting your world
  • The secret to filling in the middle, the real meat of your story, so that your reader stays enthralled
  • The exact steps you should follow with all your stories so that the book practically writes itself, leaving you more time to work on the fun stuff, like getting all the words right
  • Tying all the pieces together so that the insignificant thing at beginning becomes a major deal by the end.
  • The best ways to handle death in your story for maximum impact so that your readers will be delightfully shocked, stunned, or horrified
  • How to turn your fledgling idea into a great idea so you can sell more books and write something unique (even if the idea’s been done before)
  • How to build out a world so that you’re providing enough information without spending pages in boring narrative that will turn readers off
  • How much information to provide so that readers can actually go live in your world and become completely absorbed in the story
  • How to construct character arcs, leading characters to fail or succeed based on how much them they’ve changed so that readers can wake up from the nightmare and feel satisfied with the ending (even if the hero loses)
  • How to make motivations drive your characters so that your readers will understand and love your characters, even if they love to hate them, (fava beans anyone?)
  • The exact steps you should follow with each and every character to get a thorough understanding of them so that they are easier to write and come to life on the page
  • The different roles that the characters fill so that your book feels like a cohesive whole rather than a jumbled mess
  • How to develop character’s strength, flaws, weakness and quirks so that you’re characters really drive your book and delight your readers
  • Ways to use a backstory that don’t involve tedious flashbacks, ‘as you know Bobs,’ or dreaded info dumps so that you can keep your story moving forward while still making the past front and center
  • Ways to end your chapters on a cliffhanger so that the reader can’t put the story down
  • How to craft a satisfying ending weather you want a twist, a happy ending, sad ending or bittersweet one so that your readers can’t wait for the next book
  • How to pace your stories, alternating between ascensions and drops so that reader gets the roller coaster ride they’re looking for
  • The right way to use prologues and epilogues to deepen your story so that the reader gets more enjoyment out of it (so many authors do this wrong, and when that happens, the reader hates your book)
  • The difference between shock and suspense an when to use them so that your story stays interesting and fresh
  • Ways to drag out a scene until it’s so suspenseful the reader can’t stand it so that they’ll get sucked into your world and never want to leave.
  • How to get readers to see your world so that they can live vicariously in your story and fall in love with it
  • The kinds of details that will anchor your story in a certain time and place whether you’re writing about a galaxy far, far away or the house just down the street and around the corner
  • How much research is actually necessary and how to weave it into your story so that you’re spending less time researching and more time writing.

What You'll Get...

    • 1 45 minute weekly coaching session discuss where you're struggling and solutions to get your story flowing.
    • Unlimited email support so we can work out your story issues prior or after the call
    • A story framework you'll be able to master and duplicate so that you can focus on the fun part of writing; the creating.
    • The confidence to know that your book is the best book it can be, so you’ll be proud to share it with the world.
    • Systems that will help you integrate writing into your life, instead of letting it become your life, so that you have more time for writing, family and everything else that’s important.


Robert F MatherBook: Draconia

I met Devlin Blake several months after the completion of my novel Draconia. The book was at the end of the publishing process. It had already gone through editing, the final details of the cover design were being hammered out. Then I met Devlin. She coached me with an antagonist in book two of the series.

During the process, she pointed out several small details which at first seemed insignificant. When I applied them, I saw how much cleaner my work became. The proof copy of Draconia arrived when I sat down to read it I became horrified and ashamed. The book I was once so proud of, now looked like complete rubbish. So much so I ceased working on the second book. I stopped Draconia from being published; I sat down and literally rewrote a 337-page novel applying everything Devlin taught me.

Because of Delvin’s guidance, my novel is now something I can be proud of. During the rewrite, I made so many changes that my 335-page novel shrank to 331-pages. It’s now unencumbered compared to the fiasco it had been. Draw from Delvin’s pool of knowledge and experience. You’ll be grateful you did, I know I am.

This training is for any horror-suspense writer who has a story in the partial works. If you have a rough draft, pre-draft, or just an idea, I can help you bring it to life.

Isn’t it time your idea became a book?

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