What Is Devlin Blake Dot Com?

Devlin Blake .com merges my two favorite things; horror stories and horror writing.

If you’re a reader, I have plenty of stories of the macabre to keep you entertained.  I have a free gift for you.

If you’re a writer, I have plenty of tips to help you finish that story. I have a free gift for you.


For Writers:

Let’s face it, writing is hard, particularly when you have a full time job. It took me over 3 years and 5 first drafts before my first novella of 35k was ready to be published. Some of that time was spent writing, but a great deal of that time was studying ways to make me a more efficient writer with the time I have.

It boils down to three things;

  • Productivity
  • Process
  • Storycraft

This site covers a wide spectrum of topics, but all are necessary to writing a great story. I founded this website to help dark writers write all the stories they want with the time they have.

By only focusing on dark writers, I’m able to give specific advice which may or may not be applicable outside the dark world.


Claim your free gift:

How To Overcome Writer's Block!

4 Tips That Really Work!

Discover The 4 Secrets About Your Story That Can Help You Break Through The Blocks, Once And For All.

PLUS, you’ll even get access to a free resource library filled with worksheets, name generators, and other great tools to help you tell the story inside your head.

For Readers:

I often post strange stories here as Story Sparks. Feel free to browse and enjoy. I also have a free novella for you.

Lester was a man that seemed to have it all. Then his brother came to stay. His dead brother. Is Lester being haunted by more than his past? And can he find out what’s going on before his time is up?

Free Novella!

Is Lester Being Haunted By More Than His Past?

Lester had it all. Until his brother came to visit. His dead brother.

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