Get all My Best Systems For Writing Your Horror/Suspense Book In Between Work, Family & Life

Thanks to these systems I can..

  • ​Put out four books a year, even with a full time job, and still have time for fun, family, and coaching 
  • Write an entire rough draft in about a month
  • Create characters with ease and let the drive my story to unknown avenues
  • Never be bothered by writer’s block
  • Write more in an half an hour than most people can all day
About Devlin Blake

Devlin Blake is a published author who has written over a dozen books in different pen names and genres while still holding down a full time job and having a life. Devlin has also written multiple books in the horror/dark genre.

Now Devlin is going to help you release your story. 

Don't Let Your Story Die

One of the scariest things in life is having a story die inside you. But it doesn't have to. 

Creative Writing Coaching

Just need a little help to get unstuck?

This session offers you  a silver bullet to your book problem. 

The Silver Bullet helps you get unstuck on a single topic. 

Choose your topic, and we'll get started. 

Reclaim The Joy Of Creation

 Inspiration, Productivity, Storycraft

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