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Stories are more than words on a page. (or tablet.)

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    They’re a lifeline for people who are at the lowest points in their lives
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    They’re the rewards people buy to celebrate their most important moments
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    They’re the way adults get closer to the children they love
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    They’re the inspiration for our future
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    They teach us about monsters, but also that monsters can be slain
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    They take us to other lands, other times, other realms, and other minds
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    Stories help us realize we’re not alone and that we all share in the unique experience called the ‘human condition

In short, books are nothing short of magic

Where else can you enter someone else’s head, someone else’s skin and actually BE another person for a while? And each time we pick up repeat the process  we expand our horizons and have a more fulfilling life.

And I know you want to write a book like that, a book that matters to someone’s life or you wouldn’t be here.

Your book has been burning inside you years, maybe decades. And with the rise of indie publishing, you realize there is only ONE thing stopping you from being the published novelist  you’ve always wanted to be.

You Don’t Have A Book. 

You barely have a work in progress. (WIP)  

What you do have is an idea, a bunch of notes, some pages, but nothing that resembles a book, yet.

This is where I come in.

I Help You Create Your Legacy By Finishing Your Novel.

I should mention…I don’t work with every emerging author; only those who NEED to bring their books into the world NOW.

If that sounds like you, let’s get started


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